Rebate and Cashback Promotions Made Easy

Cashback promotions are great for new product launches and increased sales activity in general. They are one of the most successful campaign types and when properly managed can be enormously successful. They effectively answer the all important "What's In It For Me" question that the savvy consumer will ask when comparing value.

Cashbacks and rebate promotions are, however, very tricky. Careful planning needs to be undertaken to ensure that all the legal requirements are met, cashback funds isolated and made available, cheques or vouchers are printed and able to be audited regularly to ensure no fraudulent activity takes place, point of sale material needs to be clear and enticing and delivered on time, every step needs to be well managed and monitored.

The Winning Process looks after all the steps for you:

  • Development of promotional concept and logistics
  • Creation of Terms and Conditions
  • License permitscashback_promotions.jpg
  • Design and produce Point of sale material
  • Distribute Point of sale material
  • Design and construction of web based entry facilities
  • Entry mechanics
  • Email marketing
  • Validation and data entry
  • Cheque or Rebate printing
  • Rebate despatch
CLICK HERE  to check out out flow chart that guides you through the steps required for a successful cashback campaign
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